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Southend Local Authority and the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) put on hundreds of courses for schools and Early Years providers every year. Many of these cover new legislation, key elements of a role or ways to adopt best practice.

Courses can book up very early so please book your places as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. You can browse all training without a log in but if you wish to book training then please log-in to book your places. If there’s training that you would like that we don’t currently provide then please get in touch.

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trainingIcon Ofsted Framework Update Sessions - September 2014
25 Sep 9AM

Are you ready for the September 2014 Ofsted framework changes?

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trainingIcon Doing Governance
25 Sep 7PM

Reviewing governance is an increasingly common recommendation in Ofsted reports. Invariably this recommendation arises because of uncertainties about the impact of governance on the quality of education and the outcomes pupils achieve. ‘Doing Go...

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trainingIcon Marvellous Minders Support Meeting
25 Sep 7PM

Marvellous Minders Support Meeting

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trainingIcon Early Years Basic Safeguarding Awareness Level 1& 2
27 Sep 9AM

Our Basic Awareness course ensures that all those working within an early years setting have appropriate safeguarding training that meets the key outcomes for Level 2 of the LSCB’s recommended training levels

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trainingIcon Early Years Leader's Network "Developing my people one at a time"
30 Sep 3PM

Leaders Network "Developing my people one at a time" Everyone is unique & to meet full potential needs time & support to develop – whether you mentor, coach or supervise, we examine essential models & skills to aid the process.

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trainingIcon Common Assessment Framework (date tbc)
01 Oct 9AM

This course covers the Main principles and key responsibilities of Social Workers, how to request or carry out an assessment using the correct procedures.

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trainingIcon Safeguarding Refresher Level 1 and 2
01 Oct 9AM

This refresher safeguarding course will ensure that all practitioners have the current knowledge and awareness required to meet the Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards Level 2 key outcomes

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trainingIcon Financial Management for Headteachers & Deputy Headteachers
01 Oct 1PM

Introduction to Finance and effective budget management. Discussion on areas of responsibility and authorisation, report interpretation, Financial procedures, Financial regulations, Benchmarking, SFVS and the importance of internal controls.

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trainingIcon SEND Reforms Phase 4 - Is it SEN?
02 Oct 8AM

From September, schools must have regard to the new 0-25 SEND Code of Practice and have duties to identify and address the SEN of all pupils they support. This training is essential to help you understand and implement school based SEN support.

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trainingIcon Early Years English as an Additional Language
03 Oct 9AM

A reflective workshop for practitioners to examine how they can support children - and their families - who are learning or using English as an Additional language and to identify how we can provide a positive learning environment

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